Improving and polishiing your Mandarin speaking skills

  How to improve your Mandarin speaking skills

  There are so many aspects to discuss with topics like ‘how to improve your language skills’.
  To improve speaking skills in Mandarin, there are a few aspects should pay attention to:

  1: Pronunciation   2. Intonation...Read more


   If you have a speech draft and an mp3 audio recording:

  1: Our Mandarin native speaker expert will listen to your recording first.
  2: We will give you feedback, indicating any incorrectly pronounced words and intonations and let you know the correct

  To order the  above service, please go to ‘Order a lesson or service now’ and email us your speech draft and mp3 recording.


   £30 for a 3-5 minute recording + speech draft editing (not more than 400 characters).
   £50 for a 6-8 minute recording + speech draft editing (not more than 750 characters)
   Over 800 characters, please contact us.

   If you don’t have a speech draft and recording, but would like to improve you’re speaking skills in the following areas:

  • Presentations.

  • Examinations - Both presentations and social conversations. 

  • Job interview.

  • Social conversation.

    You can order an hour online lesson. The lesson includes:

    1: Setting up the topics and deciding the areas for improvement. For example, either a business presentation or examination or

        job interview.

    2: After the lesson, you will write a draft and record your prepared speech with a good quality MP3 format audio.

    3: We will give the feedback for your recording.



    1:  Conversational Chinese only:  1 hour online lesson: £50 per hour.

    2:  1 hour lesson + 3-5 minute recording + speech script editing (not more than 400 characters). £70.

    3:  1 hour lesson + 6-8 minute recording + speech script editing (not more than 650 characters).   £90.        


   Order a lesson or service now.

Our services

Our services

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